Welcome to the one-stop destination for images and information about Action Transfers and Instant Pictures, and the home of SPLAT (the Society for the Preservation of Letraset Action Transfers).

Here you can find such treasures as Super Action Transfers, Patterson Blick Instant Picture Books, Waddingtons Panoramas, Busy Bee Instant Picture Packs, Super Action Heroes, Kalkitos, Action Replay, PrestoMagiX, Thomas Salter, cereal & comic Free Gifts (or 'premiums', for US visitors) & endless varieties of dry rub-down, rub-on, or rub-off transfers. We even have some tattoos, water-slide & iron-on transfers.

This website is an ever-growing resource, & we are uploading it in stages. We started by putting up the entire transfers content of StellarX' 7 Wonders website, which until now was the favourite destination for anyone looking for images of Action Transfers.


Accompanying this is a chronological list of every known Letraset-related transfer. If you're interested in finding a particular item, or just in learning, this is an amazing resource, & is the result of many years of research:

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We realise that most visitors would prefer just to look at the pretty pictures, & for those people the 'Browse' section would be an excellent place to start:

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We're adding the tens of thousands of other images from the SPLAT Scan Archives (which in their raw form occupy over a terabyte), plus huge amounts of information to accompany the images. You will be able to find this under the 'Articles' menu.

Since this website is growing rapidly, you won't find the best stuff immediately. Keep coming back, because we will be adding to it as quickly as we can. And by the way, we can do 'requests'!

Finally, we are gradually replacing the 7 Wonders images with larger, clearer versions. It's worth checking items you've already seen, to see if they've been updated.

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  1. 2014 December 16th: Peter Archer, original creator of Action Transfers, sent us a Christmas card!
  2. 2014 November 8th: Wildlife in Danger (Wildlife Survival) — three new pages, concluding the 'Nature' section.
  3. 2014 November 6th: NEW PAGES! Birds — three pages of these beautiful sets.
  4. 2014 October 20th: The Chronology — substantial update.
  5. 2014 October 16th, second of two updates: NEW PAGES! Nature Panoramas — four pages of these extraordinary sets.
  6. 2014 October 16th, first of two updates: NEW PAGE! Giant Panoramas — the last Panoramas of the 20th Century.
  7. 2014 October 15th: update to the Acorn Printed Products page; four NEW up-to-date images.
  8. 2014 October 3rd: fantastic update to the Gulliver's Travels Panorama page; a completely new, unused set — at long last!
  9. 2014 October 2nd: update to the Pirate Island Panorama page — a great improvement, with new images.
  10. 2014 September 29th: er… another update to the Super Heroes Tattooze page — to show the display box & full artwork.
  11. 2014 September 23rd: update to the Super Heroes Tattooze page — now displaying the full range!
  12. 2014 August 20th: three pages of Acorn Printed Products — brand NEW!
  13. 2014 August 18th: update to the Wall's / Look-In Star Wars Free Gifts page, with a possible opportunity for you…
  14. 2014 July 31st: four new pages of Rainbow Toys (Airwolf, Street Hawk, Dempsey & Makepeace) — Completely NEW!
  15. 2014 July 30th: UPDATES to three Super Action Heroes sets: Kung Fu, Tarzan/Catmen, & the Joker. New info & images!
  16. 2014 July 29th: five new pages of "Kung Fu!" — All NEW images!
  17. 2014 July 20th: five new pages of Mini Action Transfers. All NEW images!
  18. 2014 July 15th: a complete renovation & update for all fifteen Super Action Heroes pages. All NEW images!
  19. 2013 December 25th: Peter Archer, creator of Action Transfers, sent us a Christmas card!
  20. 2013 November 24th: Navigation Menu improved. And visit our Facebook page if you'd like to try some beta testing…!
  21. 2013 November 14th: MAJOR UPDATE! All Busy Bees updated, with important new material added to the main page.
  22. 2013 November 13th: the original test sheets added to Busy Bee No.8: Fairy Tale Pictures.
  23. 2013 November 12th: added Patrick Tilley's original sketches to Busy Bee No.5: Picture Puzzle Stories.
  24. 2013 November 11th: added a photo of Bruno Tilley to the Panoramas page!
  25. 2013 November 7th: the Panoramas page has been completely overhauled, with new information & credits to the designers.
  26. 2013 September 26th: most Panorama pages have now been updated, plus there's a brand new Nature Panoramas page.
  27. 2013 August 8th: you can now "Like" or visit our Action Transfers page at Facebook via the box above!
  28. 2013 May 5th: The Art Sheets article updated with info about Aubrey Rix & Patrick Tilley
  29. 2013 May 2nd: The SPLAT Forum moves from its old home to action-transfers.com. — Which is logical!
  30. 2013 January 19th: Parein Cha-Cha-Rama Tintin (updated with new images)
  31. 2013 January 18th: "Packets & Tattooze" Article enhanced in several ways:
  32.    — 9 Space Monsters added
  33.    — 'Savage Age' box added
  34.    — 30 Action Man sheets, plus box, added
  35.    — NEW PAGE: "Tattooze Multi-Coloured Skin Transfers" added (now eight pages of Packets & Tattooze!)
  36. 2013 January 17th: Tintin Decalco Willeb (update — third set 'Blue Lotus' added; new images)
  37. 2013 January 16th: Batman Panorama / Shredded Wheat / Vita-Brits (update — now on two pages; lots of new images)
  38. 2013 January 4th: Busy Bee Instant Picture Pack No.2 — Learn to Count in Pictures (New set!)
  39. 2012 December 13th: The Chronology — many big changes, including headers for 'titles links' (new feature!)
  40. 2012 November 28th: another 51Gb of Archive material scanned. You can look forward to some interesting additions… 
  41. 2012 November 15th: lots of changes "under the hood" to make it easier for you to find stuff! 
  42. 2012 August 13th: Shredded Wheat Tarzan 1966 (update — two new images)
  43. 2012 August 12th: Serial Numbers (New — a tedious set of tables especially for nerds)
  44. 2012 August 10th: Art Sheets (New)
  45. 2012 August 10th: Letraset Special Sheets (New)
  46. 2012 August 10th: Instant Lettering (New)
  47. 2012 August 10th: Titles for Electronic Equipment (New)
  48. 2012 August 10th: The ORIGINAL Letraset Type Lettering System! (New)
  49. 2012 July 10th: Action Replay! (New — twelve crucial pages!)
  50. 2012 June 27th: Wall's / Look-In "Star Wars" Transfers Offer (update — new images)
  51. 2012 May 21st: A&BC Footballer (Update: added advert from comics)
  52. 2012 May 19th: Letracraft Decor-Craft (New: something completely different)
  53. 2012 May 11th: Thelwell (Update: two new Decor-Craft images added)
  54. 2012 May 7th: A&BC Footballer Bubble Gum with Action Transfers (New)
  55. 2012 May 5th: Universal & Galactic Task-Force (Completely revised & updated with unique unseen material)
  56. 2012 May 2nd: Dargaud: Décotransfert (New — eight pages of booklets)
  57. 2012 May 1st: Decalco Willeb: Tintin (New — more Tintin)
  58. 2012 April 29th: Packets & Tattooze (New — & astounding!)
  59. 2012 April 28th: Tintin Promotions (New — & fantastic!)
  60. 2012 April 24th: Action Profiles (New — & brilliant!)
  61. 2012 April 21st: Joe 90 Magic Instant Picture Books (New)
  62. 2012 April 18th: Rub-Ons: Hanna-Barbera & DC Superheroes (New)
  63. 2012 April 17th: Thelwell — Holly Hobbie — Sarah Kay (New)
  64. 2012 April 15th: Letraset Popstar Watchits from 1975! (New)
  65. 2012 April 14th: Six Pages of Doodles! Fun Doodles, Storytime Doodles, Super Doodles, Magicrama, Calcomagic… (New)
  66. 2012 April 11th: Action Transfers Competition Prizes (New)
  67. 2012 February 13th: Wall's / Look-In "Star Wars" Transfers Offer (update — new images)
  68. 2012 February 4th: Patterson Blick Instant Picture Book Promotions (New)
  69. 2012 February 1st: Waddington's Magazine & Top Twenty (New)
  70. 2012 January 30th: La Vache Qui Rit: "A La Conquête De L'Espace" (New)
  71. 2012 January 30th: Marvel UK Transformers (update — new images)
  72. 2012 January 28th: Kellogg's Sugar Smacks Star Trek Klingon Invasion (New)
  73. 2012 January 19th: PR207 Butterflies (minor update)
  74. 2012 January 19th: TV Comic Free Gift Transfers (minor update)
  75. 2012 January 6th: Action Transfers Promotion 1969 (added)
  76. 2012 January 1st: Free Gifts in Comics (added — Happy New Year!)
  77. 2011 December 28th: Wall's / Look-In "Star Wars" Transfers Offer (added)
  78. 2011 December 26th: Kraft Dairylea "The Empire Strikes Back" Transfers Offer (updated)
  79. 2011 December 19th: 1978 Walt Disney Panoramas (this finally completes the Panoramas!)
  80. 2011 December 17th: Wayfinders Animal Tracks & Moonshot Shoes (updated & split into 5 pages)
  81. 2011 December 17th: The Complex History of Panoramas (Panoramas page & Waddington's Games 1966 also updated)
  82. 2011 December 13th: Veteran Cars — Sutherlands Spreads — Texaco — Mr.Propre — Butterflies
  83. 2011 December 1st: Wayfinders Animal Tracks & Moonshot Shoes
  84. 2011 December 1st: Free Gifts & Adverts in Comics (updated)
  85. 2011 December 1st: Lunar Base Panorama (updated)
  86. 2011 October 2nd: Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput Panorama
  87. 2011 October 1st: Fairy Tale Landscape Panorama
  88. 2011 September 30th: Sea Battle Panorama
  89. 2011 September 29th: Storming a Fortress Panorama
  90. 2011 September 28th: Haunted House Panorama (popular favourite!)
  91. 2011 September 27th: Jungle Panorama
  92. 2011 September 26th: Ocean Deep Panorama
  93. 2011 September 24th: Wild West Panorama
  94. 2011 September 22nd: Bedknobs & Broomsticks Panorama
  95. 2011 September 22nd: The Aristocats Panorama
  96. 2011 September 21st: Walt Disney Panorama (plus a minor addition to Jungle Book)
  97. 2011 September 20th: Jungle Book Panorama
  98. 2011 September 19th: Grand Prix Panorama
  99. 2011 September 19th: Modern Airport Panorama
  100. 2011 September 14th: Tarzan Panorama plus its Shredded Wheat promotion
  101. 2011 September 9th: Captain Scarlet Panorama
  102. 2011 September 7th: Doctor Dolittle Panorama
  103. 2011 September 6th: Batman Panorama plus its Shredded Wheat & Vita-Brits promotions
  104. 2011 September 2nd: Pirate Island Panorama
  105. 2011 August 30th: Lunar Base Panorama (All-time Greatest Product)
  106. 2011 August 26th: Waddington's Games 1966
  107. 2011 August 23rd: Waddington's Instant Pictures (Busy Bees also revised)
  108. 2011 July 27th: Busy Bees & Junior Panoramas
  109. 2010 December 11th: Grand Official Opening (although Google had already snaffled the hors d'oeuvres).

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