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Here you can find such treasures as Super Action Transfers, Patterson Blick Instant Picture Books, Waddingtons Panoramas, Busy Bee Instant Picture Packs, Super Action Heroes, Kalkitos, Action Replay, PrestoMagiX, Thomas Salter, cereal & comic Free Gifts (or 'premiums', for US visitors) & endless varieties of dry rub-down, rub-on, or rub-off transfers. We even have some tattoos, water-slide & iron-on transfers, & following great public demand, our own online Action Transfers games.


Accompanying this is a chronological list of every known Letraset-related transfer. If you're interested in finding a particular item, or just in learning, this is an amazing resource, & is the result of many years of research:

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We've been adding tens of thousands of images from the SPLAT Scan Archives (which in their raw form occupy well over a terabyte), plus huge amounts of information to accompany the images. You will be able to find this inside, under the 'Articles' menu.

In particular, these two articles are recommended, especially if you are visiting for the first time:

  1. A Brief History of Letraset & Action Transfers
  2. What Are Transfers?

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