Mini Action Transfers [1974]

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GK167/1 Deep Sea Exploration

pic pic

GK167/2 Outer Space

pic pic

As you can see, one transfer from this sheet has been rubbed down — although not onto the background.

If you have a full sheet we can scan to upgrade this image, please get in touch!

For completeness, here is StellarX' "7 Wonders" image of a used background:


You can see that the figure missing from the sheet is the yellow astronaut at the top right of this background.

GK167/3 Cavalry Charge

pic pic

GK167/4 Air Battle

pic pic pic

The only images we have of this set are this first one (donated anonymously & part-used), & then two retained from StellarX' "7 Wonders" website.

If you have a set we can scan to upgrade these images, please get in touch!

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to StellarX — 7 Wonders, Topwinneronly & Joe123dinosaur