Mini Action Transfers [1974]

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GK167/9 Destruction of Pompeii

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GK167/10 San Francisco Earthquake

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GK167/11 Western Ambush

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Peter Archer was kind enough to leave me some of his artwork when he died, & here's one of those pieces which I think you'll be very interested to see.

These are preliminary sketches for the 'Western Ambush' set (above), & you can see they're pretty close to the finished artwork; there's an extra figure & a couple of rifles in the transfer sheet sketch that didn't make the final cut. What's particularly interesting is that the figures in the top sketch are painted on a sheet of acetate taped over the background — a similar technique to that used in animation. It's a very effective method of ensuring that the figures will definitely work on the background… something you wouldn't want to risk getting wrong!

The annotation "Sketch referred to in letter" is also evocative.


GK167/12 Wildwest Rodeo

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Joe123dinosaur & B27… & of course Peter Archer!