Free Gift Transfers in Comics

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A Red Herring

Before we get to the main event of Popeye transfers, I thought I might quickly mention these four issues of TV Comic: 1480, 1481, 1482 & 1483 (25th April to 9th May 1980), each of which came with more free stickers. However, we do know that these stickers were definitely not by Letraset; they were, in fact, printed by Fun Products, of Leeds.



Above: from No.1480; below: from 1481.


Many thanks to wrongshoe for many of the images on this page.

TV Comic: 1530 (17th April) to 1533 (15th May 1981) — Popeye Transfers [LP147]

The whole business of "stickers/tattooze/skin transfers/iron-ons/rub-down transfers" is potentially quite confusing, but that's mainly because Letraset didn't always stick to their core technology — rub-down transfers. They were perfectly willing to print any of the other types if the client expressed a preference, & in this case we have a set of four skin transfers, which normally Letraset would refer to as "tattooze".

A quick look at this trade ad for Letraset's other products should clarify matters.

(N.B.: although I've tried to be consistent with the use of the traditional term "Free Gifts", Letraset were going for a long time & didn't have the luxury of consistency. So they refer to them in this ad as both "premiums" — the US term — & "give-aways". I'm sure you got that right away…)


It's hard to tell exactly what the transfers are going to look like applied, when you have to view them through their backing paper:


These scans courtesy of wrongshoe

(But see also below!) No.1530: LP147/2 — No.1531: LP147/1 — No.1532: LP147/4 — No.1533: LP147/3


From No.1530; let the Editor know what you thought of the Popeye film.


Since I own a copy of three of these four issues myself, I dared to remove the backing papers for a better look at the transfers! Here they are flipped, for your reading convenience.


"Printed in Italy" refers, of course, to Sodecor.

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