Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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Donruss Marvel Comics Super Heroes Rub-A-Tattoo [1980]

Calling them "tattoos" hardly inspires confidence, since the instructions clearly state they're dry rub-down transfers! "Smooth hard surface" eliminates the back of your hand as a suitable destination.


I've seen quite a few of these transfers around, but of course I can only show you those for which I have permission. I'd like to get my hands on one, because they don't look like the usual Letraset format… logically, they should be Letraset, but I can't help suspecting that instead they COULD be Hasbro-style rub-ons.


Evidence against that suggestion includes the fact that Hasbro had an established history with Topps, Donruss' rivals in the bubble gum card market. However, Donruss did own Optigraphics, who specialised in advanced image technology such as lenticular images. So this could be something new… EXCITEMENT!

I'm very much afraid I'm going to have to obtain one… & rub it down…

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