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Thelwell — Muppets — Goldi Rubbel Bilder

L74 was a portmanteau serial number consisting of several jobs, with its transfer sheets being re-used in various ways. For example, the Thelwell Fun Doodles & the Thelwell Pony Tales Prize Giving share the same serial (L74/8a), & the Pony Tales run was evidently reprinted as L111. "090" numbers are Sodecor codes usually reserved for Thomas Salter. Late transfer sheets often have more than one serial number printed on them, since adding a new serial for a reprint is quite straightforward with Litho printing.

Also sharing L74 were the Muppets. L74/6a was the Muppets Fun Doodles, but the story gets even more complicated; four sheets were also produced as 'Muppet Show Rub-Down Transfers', with the L74/6a Fun Doodles sheet reappearing as L74/6 — & L74/3, L74/4, & L74/5 in addition.

Then these four sets were made available in Germany, distributed by Goldi Rubbel Bilder (who were also responsible for a German version of 'White Squadron Space Adventures').

Since there were four sheets of Thelwell & four sheets of Muppets, it seems likely that these eight sheets were all originally available as Fun Doodles; although we haven't seen them all turn up yet.

The Thelwell transfers are dealt with on their own page.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives