1978 Walt Disney Panoramas — Litho

The next four Panoramas are from the same range of eight Walt Disney titles, but date from after Letraset's 1981 acquisition by Esselte, in which they disposed of Thomas Salter Ltd.; so these editions were produced by Thomas Salter, not Letraset.

The front cover strapline is no longer "Letraset® Walt Disney Panorama", but "Rub Down Transfers Walt Disney Panorama".

The logo which had said "Letraset Action Transfers" now says "Rub Down Action Transfers".

Thomas Salter transfer serials are of the form "090/xxx", & these all have serials starting with 090/032, so that makes them very early examples of Thomas Salter transfers.

Each one is distinguished by a subsequent initial: 090/032 R, 090/032 T, 090/032 V, 090/032 Y.

There's not much difference to be seen on the transfer sheets (other than, obviously, the change of serials & the addition of a logo for "Rub Down Action Transfers"), but the backgrounds are more basic now, consisting of a smaller sheet with a single fold in the middle.

A simple sheet of paper folded in half, in fact.

Previously, the background had been a bit wider, with two folds (one at each side) so as to avoid a line running right down the middle of the scene.

090/032 R — Cinderella

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090/032 T — Snow White

pic pic pic

090/032 V — Lady and the Tramp

pic pic pic

090/032 Y — Mickey

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Only the Nature Panoramas (see next page) were produced later than these Walt Disney titles, & we don't know if they were ever reprinted in Thomas Salter livery.

So it's possible that although these were not the last Panoramas to be designed, they may have been the last in production.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives