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Findus Crispy Pancakes: "The Black Hole" [LP112] (1979)

This promotion was one of the first to be covered by SPLAT, many centuries ago, & yet there's been little progress in improving on image quality since those early days. We've seen a good few used packet backs (Mark Howard kindly sent some in just the other day), but still no unused packets other than the tiny photos at the bottom of this page; & although Craig Spivey has scanned three of the five transfer sheets, the other two remain in a very poor state.


Scans by Craig Spivey

"Collect all 5 exciting scenes from… Findus Crispy Pancakes. 1: Ante-chamber — 2: Central Control Room — 3: Close to the Edge — 4: Running Battle — 5: Escape"

Even my pointing out that Steve Ditko & his agency were clearly responsible for the transfer sheet artwork had little effect in getting people scouring the Internet…


Scans mostly by Craig Spivey; LP112/1 photocopy by Wayne Ratcliffe; LP112/4 photo by Paul Hart

Still, we have a good success rate at finding stuff once the lack has been noted online, so hopefully someone will come up with the goods very soon!


Photos courtesy of Paul Hart

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