Super Action Heroes: Tarzan of the Apes Battles the Catmen [GK173/4]

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Ian, who sent us his 'gory' version of "Kung Fu Kombat" for examination, also sent us this used set which we all believed would turn out to be a 'gory' version as well. However, although there certainly is a lot of blood, & blades running people through, we have no record of a cleaner version of this transfer sheet. This seems to be as clean as it gets!

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Just to show you can't be too careful, Ian points out that in fact the close-up above does actually show figures which are 'gorier' than on the transfer sheet higher up the page. So it seems I have displayed evidence to contradict my own conclusion… doh!

To clarify this further, there are forty transfers on the sheet, & it seems that only four transfer figures were altered; in each case, a pool of blood has been removed. This could be very easily missed, & it seems a very minor change given the expense of preparing new gravure rolls.

I've highlighted the differences here. With only one of the two panels on the transfer sheet affected, there's no point in showing the whole sheet, so here is the left-hand panel of two sheets:

All other figures remain unchanged.


Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Ian Westwood & Stylelove