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Mr.Propre / Butterflies — Procter & Gamble France / Snack Potato Chips

Mr.Propre vous offre des décalcomanies à sec

"…Ces Voitures Anciennes"

Procter & Gamble's French division commissioned at least two series of transfers from Letraset; a set of strips each of five Veteran Cars transfers, & a similar set of strips each of five butterfly transfers, PR207.

Since each strip of five Veteran Cars transfers has "Mr.Propre" (the French brand version of "Mr Clean") printed at its base, & this appears to be part of the transfer printing, it could be that these strips were not taken from the original uncut sheet PR82.

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There were ten different strips (which would make up a full crown sheet of fifty transfers), & the artwork for PR82 was reused exactly "as is" but with the addition of the "Mr.Propre" logos.

Either Procter & Gamble were perfectly well prepared to pay the additional costs of a new set up & gravure cylinders in order to ensure their trademark was included in each free gift, or it was seamlessly added as an additional spot colour at a later date.


Butterflies — Procter & Gamble France

Thanks to Everden99 & others, we have several useful clues in the form of (cut) parts of an uncut sheet for the butterflies promotion, & can see that each vertical strip of butterflies is numbered PR207/1, PR207/2, etc., up to at least PR207/12 — which at sixty butterflies would probably be sufficient! This would make up a full uncut crown sheet, so conjecturally the Veteran Car transfers might have a similar serial number (although PR206 & PR208 are 'spoken for') — but these things are never that straightforward. However, certainly PR207 (1974-1975) is a long time after PR82 (1971).


Here's a rather rough, but probably not entirely inaccurate, recreation of as much of the uncut sheet as we can currently manage. I should hope it will at least give you a reasonable idea of the whole promotion:


You can see that the individual strips of five butterflies are each marked "Procter & Gamble France" at the bottom.

Snack Potato Chips

Just when you thought Letraset couldn't get any more use out of this artwork:


Unfortunately, we don't know very much about this promotion, except that it was probably for Snack Brands Australia (or the company name as it was at the time). Thanks to one of our antipodean members for this image.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Everden99