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Republic of South Africa Stamps

Twenty-four sheets, each of three transfers (seventy-two stamps).

Back in 2010, adrianmunday put one the following two transfer sheets up for auction, & naturally it caught our eye.

It's entirely thanks to him that we know anything about this!

He told me that he had inherited an envelope full of about twenty of these sheets, & mostly he wanted to know what they were. I wasn't much help! I knew that Letraset had a branch in South Africa, but this was the first sign of any activity from that department. Presumably they were a promotion of some kind; possibly with breakfast cereal, but on the whole we came down on the side of a petrol station promotion — which seemed to ring a bell.


Adrian wasn't expecting me to bid, but when I did anyway & won the auction, he generously refunded my payment & sent me not only the one at auction but also another one which (as you can see) is slightly damaged — as a donation, he said, to our cause.

The only other evidence of this mystery promotion is this other photo which he supplied:


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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — adrianmunday