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Camberwick Green Toothpaste [1972]

TV Comic, 2nd September 1972:



"They're super! Free Letraset transfers! One set with every stand-up tube of Camberwick Green toothpaste! Five lovely sets in all! Each with a colour background that joins up to make one big picture! What fun! And such jolly good toothpaste, too! Tell Mummy, now!"


suffolk-stamps was selling a complete set of all five of these, but unfortunately I didn't find out about it until after the auction. Calamity! And although he then kindly provided photos for me, he hadn't photographed the insides or the transfer sheets; & of course by the time I asked, they'd been sent to their new owner & it was entirely too late. But at least we can see what the backs look like (above), & the five different fronts:


They're an odd shape, of course, in order to fit inside the toothpaste tube boxes. But if you examine them, you can see that they unfold to reveal a background with a horizontal crease (rather than the more conventional vertical fold):


For a while I thought I had some transfers from this promotion, but with help from Nick Symes I realised they actually belonged to a different Camberwick Green promotion, for Quaker Quake-Up breakfast cereal, two years later (cereal… er… serial number PR211).


I was kindly sent the above images from ANOTHER auction which I didn't find out about in time, although the sender wasn't very clear about exactly when it had taken place. Still, it's good to see the tubes themselves — & indeed the Letraset promotional text:

"FREE inside Letraset Camberwick Green 'rub-down' transfer set complete with coloured background. There are five sets available to make up a complete picture."

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