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Groovy Doodles de Post (1971)


Included as free gifts inside packets of Post cereals in Canada, Groovy Doodles (GK66-72) used the titles & concepts of Mini-Toons one to twelve (GK34-45), but completely redrawn. Later, when the L61 Mini-Toons reprinted the first twelve (GK) Mini-Toons, they used the original backgrounds but redrew the Groovy Doodles transfers instead of the original Mini-Toons sheets. A very strange decision, particularly since the next twelve L61 sets DID redraw the original transfer artwork from sets 13-24!

You can compare the L61 sheets (left-hand side) with the Groovy Doodles GK sheets (top & right-hand side) for yourself:


Farmyard Frolics (GK66)

pic pic

Mad Motor Race (GK69)

pic pic pic

Zany Zoo (GK72)

pic pic pic
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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives