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PR146 — Bobby Orr's Hockey Action Transfers (Post) [1973]

The Packet Back:


As a companion to the Hockey Action Replay range, a year later came this range of twelve sets given away as Free Gifts in Post cereals. This cereal box panel is reproduced by kind permission of Sylvain Martineau of

The Wrappers:

There were three different cereals involved in the promotion (Alpha-Bits, Honeycomb & Sugar-Crisp), & the sets came in three different types of wrapper:




Rookies-N-Heroes says:

"Most common pack was the White paper wax pack but there was the plastic bag and cello as well.I think it was just running out of stock and using what was in hand or maybe each Post cereal brand of cereal had there own unique wrapper. I have had many in all 3 variations. I still have another 3 of these in stock that i will sell later. Credit to Rookie-N-Heroes from ontario canada. Sorry i do not have any photos on hand."

The Layout:

Here are a couple of sets opened up to give you a preliminary idea.


The front cover of each set is identical to all the others, apart from the straplines along the bottom right, which I have recreated here:


The back covers each featured two players.

Would you like to see a big picture of all twenty-four players from the backs of all twelve sets? — Of course you would! But you'll have to view it in a new window: "Back Panels" (please close window after viewing).

The Backgrounds:

Now on to the backgrounds. We have all of them, but not all unused.

Unused backgrounds (Nos.1, 3, 5 & 9; then 6, 8, 10 & 11):

pic pic

Used backgrounds (Nos. 5 — twice — & 6; then No.2; & finally Nos.4, 7, 8, 11 & 12). You'll notice that's all of them, at least once each.

pic pic pic

The Transfer Sheets:

That just leaves the transfer sheets.
Despite everyone being so helpful, we don't have all of these yet; but we can still show you quite a few.

First, here's what the backs of the sheets look like:


And to end with, eight of the twelve sheets. Left column: Nos. 1, 3, 5 & 6; right column: Nos. 8, 9, 10 & 12.


Thanks to Simgin of Simoncards, & Ronald Eng from Burnaby BC Canada ('samleekee'), for many of the above images.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Simgin of Simoncards — Ronald Eng — Paul Hart — Sylvain Martineau — Rookie-N-Heroes