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GK121 — Hockey Action Replay (1972)

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The only visible difference between the different sets, while the packet is still sealed, is the "Know Your Signals" panel on the back. The number is displayed for the benefit of the sharp-eyed, so they can avoid mistakenly buying duplicate sets.

If this animation is too fast for you, you can see a static version of all twenty-four of these panels in a new window: "Know Your Signals" (please close window after viewing).

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At the moment we can show you sets 5, 11 & 17 in detail, plus the sheets from 3 & 16. After that you can see all the backgrounds in less detail, & twenty-one of the twenty-four sheets.

No.5 Bobby Orr

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No.11 Danny Grant

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No.17 Norm Ullman

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Transfer Sheets GK121/3 (No.3) & GK121/16 (No.16)

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Backgrounds & Transfer Sheets Overview


Above: all twenty-four backgrounds.

Below: twenty-one of the twenty-four transfer sheets (1, 2 & 13 are missing).


Many people were very helpful in putting together this page, mostly Canadians (since this was a Canadian promotion). I would particularly like to thank Simgin of Simoncards, & Ronald Eng from Burnaby BC Canada ('samleekee').

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Simgin of Simoncards — Ronald Eng — Sylvain Martineau