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Kellogg's Rice Krispies Strange Animals of The World


Original photos courtesy of Simgin of Simoncards

For some time, the above photos were all we had to show so far for this Canadian promotion. Simon, who had previously been very helpful in supplying images of baseball cards, listed this box on eBay several years ago, dating it as from 1952. I got in touch to point out that this must be a typo, & sure enough he changed the date to 1972, which seems right — but where the evidence for the latter date came from, I can't say.

As you'll see, there were several other Letraset promotions from Kellogg's in Canada around this time.

"Each set contains rub-down pictures of strange animals, a picture of their natural surroundings, interesting stories about the animals, and instructions on how you can have fun creating your very own wildlife scenes. It's fun! It's easy! Collect all ten!"

The Sets

Melissa Anne got in touch via Facebook, regarding this promotion & Kellogg's Sea Creatures (visit that page as well, for the full story).

After discussing her find for a while, she very kindly sent us some examples of both promotions, for us to display here.

This is Strange Animals of the World number 8, the Greater Kudu:



The company responsible for this — & indeed, for all the Canadian Kellogg's/Letraset promotions — was called "Phase III Promotions". They were started in Toronto by Larry Weston, who died in 2013. You can see their copyright notice along the spine, above.



Many thanks to Melissa Anne for her help & generosity, without which we'd have practically nothing to show of these Canadian promotions!

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Simgin of Simoncards — Melissa Anne