Super Action Heroes: Kung Fu Kombat [GK173/1]

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Bonus — used version featuring uncensored transfers:


Many thanks to Ian for sending us this rare set to be scanned, not just once, but twice! (It's a long story…)

You will notice that the figure in the top centre of the following image features blood, eye-gouging, & a bladed weapon. The comparable figure appears at the top left corner of the 'clean' transfer sheet (above).

StellarX has written a short article commenting on this here: Articles by StellarX


We have looked for evidence of other sets from this era (& particularly in this first run of "Super Action Heroes") of both 'clean' & 'gory' transfers, but despite for a while believing the same thing might have occurred in the "Tarzan of the Apes Battles the Catmen" set, we've found no conclusive evidence. So far it looks as if only the Kung Fu set was recalled, although of course if the recall was fast enough, the 'gory' versions may just have been too rare to have survived.

Kung Fu was very popular in the UK at the time of this set's release, & there was considerable anxiety expressed in the papers about the effect on children of Kung Fu violence in the media; this could explain why this set in particular was revised.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to StellarX & Ian Westwood