Super Action Heroes: Star Trek — Voyage to the Lost Planet [GK173/2]

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StellarX notes:

Coinciding with the Paramount/Filmation Animated Series, the classic crew received an outing in transfer form, with easily recognisable likenesses of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), Commander Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy (DeForest Kelly), Lieutenant Commander Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott (James Doohan), Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (George Takei). In a break with tradition, none of the victims wear red jerseys…

I told him I wasn't going to publish his last remark, because my family & I have been watching this programme & so far there have been more blue or yellow shirted casualties than red. That may change later in the run, of course; but these urban legends are unstoppable once they get going…

View of rear of packet prior to opening:


Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives