Free Gift Transfers in Comics

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TV Comic Nos.1452 & 1453, 12th & 19th October 1979 — Hanna-Barbera Transfers

There were no transfers in No.1451; it's just shown here because it advertises the next two issues, which do have them.

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The transfer sheet serial numbers were LP104/1 & LP104/2.

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LP104/1 exclusively features Scooby-Doo, while LP104/2 includes a variety of characters centred around "Boss Cat" — as the front cover describes him — or "Top Cat Boss Cat", as Mevin refers to him inside (see below). The well-known reason "Top Cat" was known as "Boss Cat" in the UK is because the BBC have a constitutional ban on advertising, & they refused to call him by his name on the grounds that it was also the name of a popular brand of cat food.

Mevin, who drew the inside pages shown here, was a popular artist with TV Comic readers, & had provided the comic with artwork for many years.

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