Free Gift Transfers in Comics

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Look-In No.8 (of volume 7) week ending 19th February 1977 — Action Transfers (SAT Carnival)

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These transfers are panels from the Super Action Transfers (Red) Carnival set. Perhaps Carnival didn't sell as well as the other Red SATs… or perhaps they were just the most suitable transfers readily to hand.

The accompanying descriptive text is a bit odd, including some historical inaccuracies (1972 is too late for several of these ranges).

"New subjects are always being introduced, of course, and without giving away any secrets, we can confidently predict some new ones in a few weeks time. Watch out for news of them in Look-in!"

Are you still watching out? It may be quite a wait…



Hey, I bet you weren't expecting that! If you were quick (you only had a couple of weeks) you could win a Batman Super Action Heroes set. Or a LetraCraft Copper Etching set, which uses "a unique transfer-etch process to produce gleaming wall decorations".

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives