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Look-In No.40 (of volume 8) week ending 30th September 1978 — Free Kalkitos Fun Transfer Kit

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What a lovable clown Mr. Kalkitos is. Possibly.

The Times for Friday February 3rd 1978 announced a joint venture between Gillette & Letraset to produce Kalkitos, after a "pilot scheme". In fact, Kalkitos had been being produced since 1976 (many are dated 1975), but if you take this to mean that Kalkitos would now be available in the UK for the first time, then you can see that this promotion is designed to introduce the range.

From the close-up of page 5, you can read that there were 28 titles at the time, with standard size kits 17p & maxi size 39p. We haven't tracked down the TV ad yet.


Shown here for size comparison is the free gift that came with this comic, alongside the standard size kit that came with "Whizzer and Chips" just over a year later (see Page 6).

"A small sample pack for you. See the whole range where you buy your comics."

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