Free Gift Transfers in Comics

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Marvel UK Doctor Who Weekly Nos.1-4, October 17th - November 7th 1979

— Transfers by Dave Gibbons

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Hmmm. User input error, not a scanner malfunction. Still, I'm sure you can mentally reverse the phase polarity of the above images to put the issues in correct chronological order. Or just read each one right-to-left.



It's nice to see some quality craftsmanship in a transfer for a change. Thank you, Dave Gibbons!



Serial numbers: LP105/1, LP105/2, LP105/3 & LP105/4.

This was a busy month for Letraset promotions; first the TV Comic Hanna-Barbera transfers, then the free Kalkitos in "Whizzer and Chips", & now four weeks of Doctor Who.

Letraset had purchased the toy companies Merit & Thomas Salter in 1978, & then Stanley Gibbons (the Stamps company) in 1979. The latter purchase turned out horribly wrong for Letraset, so perhaps they were aware that they were over-extended & were pushing harder in other areas — such as free gifts in comics!

N.B.: as far as I'm aware, there is no connection between the artist Dave Gibbons & the stamp company Stanley Gibbons… or Orlando Gibbons, the Elizabethan composer. But I'm always happy to be informed!

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