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Here's another completed Shredded Wheat panel for good measure; the owner has very appropriately added the title from his transfer sheet:


And finally, a couple of Shredded Wheat transfers:



Nabisco, being multinational, owned not only Shredded Wheat in the UK but also Vita-Brits in Australia.

The pastel blues & oranges of the Shredded Wheat panels suggest the same artwork as that described for the Vita-Brits packets, but I only have hearsay evidence of that, & it might seem counterintuitive for an Australian cereal packet to feature scenes from an American TV show being set in London!

If anyone has a Vita-Brits packet, or even just a panel, we would be very interested to see it.

When Vita-Brits ran their Letraset Batman promotion, considerably later than the UK's, they used the same artwork for six of the transfer free gifts, but commissioned six more as well. "The Bank Robbers" was slightly re-titled "Bank Bandits". Here are two of the new transfers in detail:


Peter Archer doesn't remember creating the artwork for the additional transfers, & on the grounds of style I'm inclined to believe they may have been someone else's work.

Vita-Brits transfer sheets scans of the other ten sheets in the range of twelve, courtesy of Robert Welk & Daniel King:


Comparison of Shredded Wheat & Vita-Brits

Vita-Brits transfers measure approximately three inches square, whereas the Shredded Wheat are approximately 5" by 2½". The Shredded Wheat transfers use four spot colours, whereas the Vita-Brits use only three; this meant no white ink, which is why they appear considerably darker (the darkness has been compensated for here, to make these images clearer).

The six Vita-Brits with the same titles as the Shredded Wheat clearly use the same original artwork, but it is slightly reduced in scale. Look at these two examples of the same subject, for size reference:


A detail from each, for more direct comparison:


(Particular thanks to Robert Welk for supplying the Vita-Brits Renegade Robots sheet scan.)

As a footnote, Weeties (also owned by Nabisco) ran a contemporaneous promotion in Australia, with very similar cereal box artwork, declaring: "There's a different Batman bonus in packets of Vita-Brits too!"

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives (with thanks to StellarX, Mike Cosford, Robert Welk & Daniel King) — David Welch