Free Gift Transfers with Breakfast Cereals

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Sanitarium Skippy / Air New Zealand: Hop-E-Tition Map of Europe, 1973 [PR183]

It's good to be able to show you a promotion for which we have all the major elements properly scanned - apart from the cereal packet. And this one is quite splendid.

The backs of all eight backgrounds are identical apart from the "Map Section", so to avoid repetition after showing the first one, I've edited them down for you.


Here are all eight transfer sheets:


And all eight map backgrounds (don't blame me for their not quite matching up):


These transfers were used for a second or companion promotion, "It's Skippy's Happy Holiday Competition", with only the outer covers changed. "NAC" is the New Zealand National Airways Corporation, so I'm not sure what the switch from Air New Zealand to the New Zealand NAC signifies — if anything.


Original photo courtesy of katjinb

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