Super Action Transfers (Yellow): The Bewitched Forest — [GK28]

The set shown here is Peter Archer's own copy, which he left me when he died. I know he was really keen for you all to see it!

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In case it isn't clear, the two scans above show the cover of the card, but with the top half (the flap & the front cover) shown one way up, & then the back cover flipped upside-down for legibility. The three sections form one continuous piece of card (as should be obvious from the unbroken background on the other side — see below), with the back cover & short flap sections oriented one way, & the front cover section in between them the opposite way. I can make this sound more complicated if you like…


The artist in this story, is, of course, Peter Archer himself.


Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Peter Archer